I Need to Engage With My Audience

I Need to Engage With My Audience

When you engage with your audience is it a simple connection and transaction or do you interact on a much deeper level? Work with Deirdre to ignite your engagement and build relationships that lead to loyalty, advocacy, and unbreakable bonds.

I Need to Grow My Influence

I Need to Grow My Influence

Are you sharing your thought leadership through different media channels? What kind of pitches get you noticed with the media? Work with Deirdre and her team of PR publicists to be seen, heard and recognized as the go-to trusted resource with the media.

I Need Communication Resources

I Need Communication Resources

If you need tools and resources to power up your communication, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find all of the DIY courses, books, and resources to help you build your strategy and execute your comms program at your own pace.

I Need a Speaker or Event Host

I Need a Speaker or Event Host

If you need a keynote speaker or event host, Deirdre is an International keynote speaker on the topics of PR, branding, marketing, and social media communications. She’s also hosted numerous events for brands during her 30-year career.

Experience Media Training with a FEEL Lens

FEEL ignites engagement through all of your channels. From media interviews and social media to speaking engagements and company meetings, FEEL is the stepping-stone to become a trusted leader. You lead the conversation with your mind, and your heart as you grow your influence

Latest Blog Posts

  • A Whisper From Noeel Book

    Announcing the Launch of a New Book: A Whisper From Noelle

    I’ve spent years writing business books on PR, branding and social media. However, I never imagined writing a children’s book on what it means to FEEL as a way to help parents and children to explore feelings together.

  • Final Version FEEL First Pledge Image

    The FEEL First Pledge: A Commitment to Communication & Relationship Building

    How you FEEL determines how you communicate. It doesn’t take a scientific study to know this or to watch your emotions play out on social media. Think about how your feelings translate into actions, reactions and the words that come out of your mouth (or the words in your tweets and/or your Facebook posts). If you’re an optimist, then you will communicate as such. The same goes if you’re the opposite.

  • Roadmap Feel Media Training

    FEEL Media Training Roadmap

    I’ve been media training executives for years. The training and exercises were focused on verbal communication and sharing the company’s messaging correctly. These thought leaders were tested in several media situations to see if they could answer questions accurately and in a way that always bridged back to the “talking points.”

  • background image of the seminar in the conference room of the business center

    Advising, Guiding & Tips for Listening as You Navigate the “New” Normal

    Here’s another 555 or what I’m calling your “411” on advice, guidance, and tips to actively listen as all of us navigate a “new” normal in our professional lives.

  • Morning coffee and internet

    Helping, Lifting, and Working Remotely in Challenging Times

    Here’s the 2nd video in my “555” series to help 5 professionals incorporate FEEL into their communication, lift up 5 professionals who share excellent resources and to offer my 5 tips for working remotely in challenging times.


  • Richard

    Richard Bistrong

    CEO, FRONT-LINE ANTI-BRIBERY LLC “I have had the opportunity to work with Deirdre Breakenridge through her firm, Pure Performance Communications, over the past four years. My initial exposure to Deirdre’s perspective was reading her book Putting the Public Back in Public Relations, which I found so inspiring, that I engaged her through Pure Performance. The leadership that Deidre provided me in terms of reputation rebuilding and rebranding remains foundational to my current practice and continues to be a pillar of my success. Deirdre is a pleasure to work with, well organized, and extremely sensitive and mindful of deadlines, as well as breaking down long term versus short term goals.”
  • Gustaaf

    Gustaaf Vocking


    “Deirdre is so much more than that the world-famous modern PR lady who writes books you just have to read. I keep finding myself standing on her shoulders when I talk on the subjects of PR, Marketing Communications and customer dialogue. She shares her knowledge and experience so as to better the world. And, to top it all of, she is a wonderful sparkling woman that is a role model for any modern times girl or woman.”

  • Gale

    Gail Nelson

    CMO, B2B Marketing expert

    “I have had the pleasure of working with Deirdre Breakenridge through her firm, Pure Performance Communications, twice over the past seven years. The first time, she worked on Siegel+Gale’s social media program when I served as its Global CMO. Currently, Deirdre is spearheading efforts to raise the profile of key executives at one of my clients, a global digital advertising firm. She’s always a joy to work with – a smart, connected, kind, and energetic communicator who tells it like it is and focuses on getting results.”