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For years, I’ve said communication is at the heart of your company and your ability to communicate effectively builds stronger relationships. Today, you have to FEEL First in your communications.  FEEL, which stands for facing Fears (being open and inclusive), having Empathy (your deep understanding and compassion), using Ethics (being truthful) and Love (showing energy and passion) is the bridge or stepping-stone to extending beyond the point of connection and transaction.

It’s time to learn and understand where FEEL begins; it’s the point on your communications roadmap where strategic communications takes you, and the place that enables you to grow or strengthen your bond.

When you FEEL First in your interactions, the people you reach will move closer and share more with you. When you FEEL First, you’re saying and showing you have truly done your homework. You understand what it takes to make a connection and the importance and greater potential of the connection to make a difference is the FEEL First approach.

FEEL is so much more than just a one-time, “let me try to understand your situation so you’ll interact with me.” FEEL is an approach that shows how much you value your relationships and how you would go the distance to help them grow.

FEEL First is a movement and now there are courses online courses to help you.

Our first online training course will be launching soon. It’s Media Training with a FEEL Lens. COMING SOON!!

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PR has changed from the behind the scenes development of talking points and third-party endorsements to champion building with the public and using media and influencers to amplify communication. Now, you’re listening more closely, monitoring data and gathering insights, and joining the conversation the right way through social media. As the media landscape and consumer behaviors continue to change, the lines between PR, marketing, branding and customer service are more blurred. The silos are down and we’re learning to use the force of a PR & marketing toolkit with a mix of media to engage and to create action. Professionals realize it’s time to embrace a hybrid approach with a variety of ways to communicate, creating the loyalty and advocacy for companies and their brands.

PR Expanded is a research journey and a passion project offering articles wand resources with practical tips, communication advice and guidance on the best way to approach maintaining public opinion, your reputation and using better communication and decision-making for your business. 

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